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Minneapolis radio station Cities 97
November 30, 2002

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Tori performed live and did an interview for Minneapolis, MN radio station Cities 97 on November 30, 2002 in Studio C. You can see a photo of Tori's appearance at the station in the Cities 97 Artist Photo Album.

Here is a report from Amy (amykomo):

Tori arrived at Cities 97 late. She was supposed to be there at 12:30, but didn't show up until after 1:00. She walked in and went straight into the studio. The contest winners and I didn't get to be in the room with her, but the only thing that separated us was a glass. She talked a bit with Brian Oake, the DJ. He asked her a few questions including one (don't remember the exact question) about if she gets exhausted performing because she gets so into the music and it hits so close to home (for lack of better words). She simply said "no". She explained that it's liberating for her, so it actually makes her feel better. Tori talked about being on the road and how she didn't realize how hard it was going to be with a 2 year old. She said how 2 year olds just don't lie since they don't know any better and how it's like "Mom, I don't like this tour bus" or "Mom, I want to go home" or "Mom, why doesn't he have any hair" (all said in an English accent I must add). It was cute. Tori played Honey and said how she loved that song even though it wasn't on an album and then she played Strange since she said it goes through Minne to Madison. She explained that she has to play the songs that Scarlet goes on since she's on Scarlet's Walk but that she also has to include her own into the show based on what part of the country she's in.

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