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October 25, 2002

Added Nov 3, 2002

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Tori Amos Opens Her Secret World

Friday October 25, 2002 @ 05:00 PM
By: Staff

Piano chanteuse Tori Amos has worked long and hard on her new concept-driven album Scarlet's Walk, a song-by-song interpretation of modern American history. In celebration of the 18-song album, which Amos produced herself, the singer has prepared all sorts of online goodies to keep fans busy.

The disc, which will be released this coming Tuesday (October 29), will come with a key to unlock the "bonus world" (a.k.a. "Scarlet's Web) section on Amos' elaborate website. The bonuses will include extra songs, lyrics, fancy Tori commentary and all sorts of behind-the-scenes videos. As with programs like The Tragically Hip's Hip Club, Scarlet Web visitors will be eligible for treats like ticket giveaways. Amos will launch a tour shortly after Scarlet's Walk's release. There are three Canadian dates: November 20 in Montreal, November 22 in Toronto and December 9 in Vancouver.

"I wanted people to be able to discover for themselves the journey that Scarlet and I are taking," Amos says. "In Scarlet's Web you will be able to unlock the inner most details of this fantastic voyage, as well as a few special surprises along the way."

Here's a tracklisting for Scarlet's Walk:
# "Amber Waves"
# "A Sorta Fairytale"
# "Wednesday"
# "Strange"
# "Carbon"
# "Crazy"
# "Wampum Prayer"
# "Don't Make Me Come To Vegas"
# "Sweet Sangria"
# "Your Cloud"
# "Pancake"
# "I Can't See New York"
# "Mrs. Jesus"
# "Taxi Ride"
# "Another Girl's Paradise"
# "Scarlet's Walk"
# "Virginia"
# "Gold Dust"

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