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Updated March 7, 2001

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As many of you know, the initial plans for Tori's 1999 "to venus and back" album called for it to be a double album with one disc of live material and one disc of b-sides. We even received word that some of Tori's b-sides had been remastered in the studio during 1998 for the new release. But as we now know, the muse inspired Tori and she instead produced a disc of all new material that was added to the live disc to create "to venus and back". This still leaves us with the possibility that there may be some kind of b-sides release in the future. Tori herself alluded to the possibility in several interviews in 1999. She seemed to think that in order for a b-sides project to really work, it would need to be several discs instead of one. At this time there is no evidence that this b-sides project is coming, but it remains a real possibility for the future. Below you will find the interviews Tori has done where she mentions that such a b-sides project is possible or talks about why the b-sides did not appear on Venus (and thus implying they could show up on a later project.)

Time-Off Magazine (Australia) - November 24-30, 1999

Tori mentioned a possible b-sides project for the future in this weekly publication in Australia. You can read the interview in the Dent's Articles Archive, but here is the part when she talks about a b-sides album:

    So what happened to the album Amos didn't make?

    "Well, they're all here," she says. "They love being B-sides. They want to have their own quadruple box set. Because you can't really separate them anymore, meaning B-sides exist on their single package. If you're on a single package, you're not going to want to show up anywhere else again and be divided. I don't know how many B-sides there are, but it's a lot -- over 50.

    "You can only put 74 minutes worth of recorded music down and to make choices about what B-sides represent the B-sides, there started to be a mutiny going on. And it was like, if if I'm going to do the B-sides, I need to put them out as a whole collection. And I'm not ready to take that on board."

Note from Mikewhy: She may not have been ready to tackle the b-sides project in 1999, but perhaps she will in the near future?

Music365 Chat - October 28, 1999

While Tori was in the U.K. preparing for her October 29. 1999 solo show in London, Tori did a web chat for the U.K. web site Music365 on October 28, 1999. You can read the entire chat in the Dent's Articles Archive, but here is the part when she talks about a b-sides album:

    Question: Since the plan for releasing a live/bsides album was changed when the new work unraveled itself, are there any plans in the future to ever release a bside record?

    Tori: When we approached the bside project, we had to approach it holistically...there are over 50 bsides. To start choosing which ones gets into pissing a lot of people off. We have to put a whole bside box set, that's a big undertaking and not something I'm going to do until I'm by the pool for a while. Hold on to your rarities.

Musique Plus "Artist Of The Month" Special - October 13, 1999

Tori was the October 1999 Artist Of The Month on Musique Plus, which is a music network in Quebec, Canada. Tori appeared at the studios of Musique Plus in Montreal on October 13, 1999 for an interview where she mentioned the b-sides project. You can read the entire interview in the Dent's Articles Archive, but here is the part when she talks about the b-sides:

    Host: And are the b-sides angry they're not on this album?
    Tori: No, they're hanging out.
    H: Yeah? Bsides will be bsides?
    T: They want to be a quadruple box set. They don't want to be separated from each other because there's quite a . . . what is it?
    H: A camaraderie?
    T: Yeah . . . That's very good! And there's this status in being a bside, you see.
    H: Yeah, it's very cultish.
    T: Yeah, they have this whole underground thing, they have pamphlets out on them, they like being who they are. So when it was time to choose maybe 6 or 7 songs plus a few new ones . . . it wasn't a really good concept of mine, it was one of my poopier ones.

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