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October 29, 2002

Added Nov 3, 2002

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Many thanks to Lucy for this review!

Tori Amos says her new Epic album "Scarlet's Walk" is about searching for the true roots of America alongside a journey of self-discovery. It's about the nation's reaction to Sept. 11, 2001. But perhaps most intriguingly, it's about a "soul map," as the singer/songwriter calls it, that is imprinted on each one of us and shows the route of the most defining moments of our lives.

Acollege tour Amos did after Sept. 11 last year played a prominent role in the creation of the set. "I went on the road last year with different eyes and when the masks were down," she offers. "That means people were telling me things in letters, at the stage door; things that you don't say when tomorrow's coming. Secrets that people were holding were coming out."

With the deep emotional pull of such songs as "Your Cloud," "I Can't See New York," the title track, and "Gold Dust," "Scarlet's Walk" is Amos' most cohesive and emotionally moving since her debut album, "Little Earthquakes." As a bonus to fans, the disc will utilize Epic parent Sony's proprietary ConnecteD technology as a key to unlock an area on Amos' official Web site that will host everything from unreleased music to photos, contests, and commentary by the artist.


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