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Boston Phoenix
September 13-19, 2002

Added Sept 14, 2002

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There is a small article on Tori in the September 13-19, 2002 issue of the Boston Phoenix, a weekly newspaper in the Boston, MA area. The article is part of a Fall 2002 Preview. There is a large photo of Tori performing live during the Plugged Tour (with a sparkly apron). It's the only picture illustrating the article. (Her picture on the cover is part of a collage and is one of the Scarlet's Walk photos where she is sitting at the table.) The title of the article is "Putting old wine into new bottles: Beck, Tori, Sinead, and more". The photo has the caption, "LET TORI BE TORI: Amos' Scarlet's Walk sticks with the same band, agressive piano playing, cryptic lyrics, and ethereal vocals her fans know and love-- which isn't a bad thing." Look below for the text of the article. Thanks to Patty Patterson, Michelle, Marla Tiara, and joe/boynthemiddle for sending the article to me.

Tori Amos has had a few tricks up her sleeve in the past, but the only major change her fans will have to deal with this fall is her switch from Atlantic Records to Epic for her forthcoming Scarlet's Walk (October 29). The disc features the same basic cast she's been touring and recording with for the past few years: bassist John Evans and drummer Matt Chamberlain. And rather than delving into guitar rock, it pretty much lets Tori be Tori, which means plenty of aggressive piano playing, cryptic lyrics, and ethereal vocals.

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