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December 30, 2001

Added Jan 7, 2002

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Marla Antigone was the first to tell me that Tori's Boston concert was one of the top 10 concerts of 2001 for Steve Morse, music critic at the Boston Globe. This appeared in the December 30, 2001 edition of the Boston Globe. You can see his listlist below.

Pop music
Steve Morse

The Concert for New York City at Madison Square Garden.

AC/DC at the FleetCenter.

Jill Scott at FleetBoston Pavilion.

U2's fourth show at the FleetCenter.

Berkfest at the Butternut Ski Basin.

Willie Nelson at Sanders Theatre.

Morgan Heritage at FleetBoston Pavilion.

Laurie Anderson at Sanders Theatre.

System of a Down at the Worcester Centrum Centre.

Tori Amos at the Wang Theatre.

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