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Updated June 30, 2001

The info below covers singles and albums from the Boys For Pele era and earlier. Here are some links to more recent chart positions for Tori:

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    For those of you who pay attention or care about Tori's chart positions in the United States, John Taupin posted the following chart summary to the newsgroup. I have added to it slightly to reflect the rerelease of the Silent All These Years single.

    After posting last week that Blue Skies had gone to #1 on Billboard Dance
    Charts, several people had asked about previous song/album positions on
    the charts, so I went through 5 years worth of Billboard and compiled a
    little list of the song/albums that have appeared on various Billboard
    charts and their peak positions. She's been on 6 charts total - 5 are
    included here - I'll explain the 6th at the end.

    Billboard Top 200 Album Chart-
    *Little Earthquakes peaked at # 54
    *Under the Pink peaked (and debuted) at # 12
    *Boys for Pele peaked (and debuted) at # 2
    *Hey Jupiter EP peaked (and debuted) at # 94

    Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart-
    *God peaked at # 72
    *Caught a Lite Sneeze peaked at # 60
    *Silent All These Years (the rerelease in 1997) peaked at #65

    Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart-
    *Professional Widow peaked at # 1 (2 weeks)
    *In the Springtime of His Voodoo peaked at # 6
    *Blue Skies peaked at # 1 (1 week)

    Billboard Dance/Maxi Singles Sales Chart-
    *Pro. Widow peaked at # 14
    *CALS peaked at # 9
    *Talula peaked at # 41

    Billboard Modern Rock Track Chart-
    *Silent All These Years peaked at # 27
    *Crucify peaked at # 22
    *God Peaked at # 1 (2 weeks - her first #1)
    *Cornflake Girl peaked at # 12
    *CALS peaked at # 13

    Well, that's it - the other chart is the Bubbling Under (the Hot 100
    Singles) Chart
    , which essentially is a continuation of the Hot 100 -
    positions 101-125. Talula, Pro. Widow and Voodoo have all appeared on
    there, never reaching #100 and making it to the "big" chart.
    If anyone wants to know anything more, let me know. I'll be happy to help
    you out, if I can. One that may come up, is the difference between a
    full-length album, EP and maxi-single. It has to do with the number of
    different songs on it. Can't remember the exact numbers though -
    something like less than 4 or 5 and it's a single, between 5 and 6 or 7,
    an EP, and more than that an album???????

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