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Oct ?, 2002

Added Oct 23, 2002

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Billboard Magazine had a nice review of Tori's single a sorta fairytale in one of their October 2002 issues. (I am not sure which one.) Thanks to Lucy for sending this to me.

"A Sorta Fairytale"
Epic Records

Tori Amos marks her Epic Records debut and seventh album, "Scarlet's Walk," with the story of a journey taken cross-country with a would-be soulmate that she can't get out of her head. The ethereal singer/ songwriter weaves her melancholy memory by singing such clever lyrics as "And I'm so sad/ Like a good book/I can't put this day back" and wisely keeping a light hand on the production. Amos' ever-faithful piano is used as an accent this time instead of leading the song, adding lilting touches to a composition that is layered with her sighing voice, the gentle rat-a-tat-tat of percussion, and a chord or two of guitar. For an artist who has been denied mainstream radio play for much too long, this is a song that could open doors. This is the right time for Amos, especially as we begin to witness the impact of her offspring: Vanessa Carlton's ivory- and string-spiked "A Thousand Miles" likely would have struggled for more air time had Amos not kicked the door open 10 years ago with a similar brand on her timeless debut, "Little Earthquakes."

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