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January 27, 1996

Added July 15, 2000

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Billboard magazine reviewed the "Boys For Pele" album in their January 27, 1996 issue.

Boys For Pele
Producer(s): Tori Amos
Atlantic 82862
Genre: POP

Eccentric singer/songwriter Tori Amos follows her platinum albums, "Little Earthquakes" and "Under The Pink," with a collection of characteristically lush, harmonically rich compositions that showcase her ample keyboard-playing talents and impassioned vocal delivery. The most compelling tunes here are those in which she allows the band to amplify the piano/voice formula and take her music to a new level. Highlights include the searing, groove-heavy "Professional Widow," the electrifying "Caught A Lite Sneeze," the swinging "In The Springtime Of His Voodoo," and "Little Amsterdam." All these songs present airplay potential to a wide range of outlets, from modern rock to top 40 to triple-A. An album that promises to expand Amos' considerable fan base.

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