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August 31, 2001

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Tori did an interview on BBC Radio 5 Live in the U.K. on August 31, 2001, one day after she did a solo concert in London. At this moment, I do not have a transcript from this interview. If anyone can provider me with a transcript, please email me at I do have several reports on the interview, which you can read below.

From Chris Mines:

    Tori was on BBC Radio5Live in the UK this morning, (Friday). She was on for about 45 minutes with Victoria Derbyshire, (although the show has multiple guests and topics so that not all that time was devoted to her). She (and her "press guy") confirmed that the European tour will follow the American dates, probably in November. She will definitely play London, and probably some other UK dates, and is hoping to go to Poland as she has never played live there before.

    She was quite surprised that people thought she wasn't feeling well at the Union Chapel. She seemed to really enjoy the religious setting, "it's the first time I've played in church and been able to choose the set !!!". As to the length of the set, she said that it was right for her and a longerset is not always easy when performing solo, "it's like an eighty minute monologue".

    Can't remember the exact quote, but basically she said that each show she does is a unique event and whether that means fifty minutes or two and a half hours, nothing should be read into it. She gave the impression of being very happy about last night. Two of the callers had been there and loved it, but one of them told her that there was a lot of web chat about the length of the show and her not seeming on top form. She certainly didn't agree !!!

    Otherwise she seemed in good form, explaining the reason for the "male" songs on the new album. They played Professional Widow, Strange Little Girl and I Don't Like Mondays.

From Rocket:

    Tori was on the above radio show this morning and was taking emails and telephone calls. I was lucky enough to get through. I told her I thought the whole concert was extremely intense especially Merman and Me and a Gun - I asked how she thought the show went and what was going on in her mind. She said it was the first time she has played a Chapel where she could do whatever songs she liked - she harked back to being the Minister's daughter and singing hymns as told by her father. She asked how I felt and I said I left feeling weird, but thought the show was excellent - I told her how beautiful it was with Tori singing and just looking up at the stained glass windows. She talked a lot about the religious aspects and I said she had obviously chosen well with God, Crucify etc. She answered one guy who was talking about the length of the set and she wasn't happy about how this was being perceived - especially with the online community - she also said she felt fantastic - so wasn't unwell and said it wasn't about the time or length but what was going on in there. She nailed it there and then and yep she's back in November/December after the US stint. She said loads more but can't remember just yet...........

From Matt:

    First I just want to say what an amazing site you have. The love and passion that goes into the site is second to none , and keep up the amazing work. Not sure if you knew but Tori was on Radio Five Live this morning from about 10.30 onwards for an hour. Played a few excerpts from "SLG" and then there was a phone in.

    Managed to get through and ask Tori a question . Am still buzzing with my feet many inches of solid ground... I then cheekily asked her if she would come and sing a duet with me at my band's gig tonight in Reading. She giggled and said "yeah ok ". Well , stranger things have happened....

From Claire/Datura:

    Tori has just confirmed that she will be back in the UK to do something after the US tour (not that I am curling my toes in excitement or anything!) So...late Nov. early December. Woohoo! That should make a lot of people very happy...

    So she says she will be doing a European *tour* - wants to play Poland, she says...that should put some smiles on some faces...!

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