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Live Showcase at radio station Bayern 3 in Munish, Germany
Performed: October 10, 2002
Broadcast: October 21, 2002

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Tori did a live showcase for Munich, Germany radio station "Bayern 3" on Thursday, October 10, 2002 at Studio 2 at Bayerischer Rundfunk in Munich. Tori played 7 songs and did a short interview. You can read a review of the performance below!

Here are the songs Tori performed live and solo:

1. Scarlet's Walk
2. Carbon
3. Crazy
4. Pancake
5. a sorta fairytale
6. Strange

7. Mrs. Jesus

Radio station Bayern 3 broadcast the Munich showcase on Monday, 21 of October on the show "Nightlife" from 10pm to 12pm, German time. There is live streaming of this radio station. You can access the streams at the Bayern 3 web site or click here for RealPlayer stream and here for Windows Media stream.

You can download the songs from this live showcase at the Diagnosed Sounds section of


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From Martina Ziesack:

More details on the Interview:

To all the Ben & Jerry Fans out there! ;o)

Q: "Tori, this is a tough one, what is your favourite Ben&Jerry's flavour?"

Tori:"Mmmhh.. well, right now I don't eat Ben&Jerry's but I've heard that Phish Food is supposed to be great!"

Fan:" Yeah! Fish Food is great!!"

Tori to Fan: "Oh is it! You like Phish Food? What's your favourite?"

Fan: "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!"

Tori: "And your second favourite?"

Fan: "Well... I guess that would be Phish Food.."

Q:"Would you play "Rubies and Gold" for us?"

Tori:" No...she would need to be reworked. Maybe I will play her again one of these days... But for now here's another little song..."

then she played Mrs. Jesus

From Hali:

What a concert! But oh so short....for people who cannot get enough of Tori :-)

Bayern 3, Thursday afternoon, a bunch of fans from the german Tori board gathered at the entrance, all ticket winners and we were sooo excited, unbelievable.

Inside the studio:

It was a very beautiful atmosphere, around 50 fans sitting at round tables with candles on them. Me and my friends took seats right in front of the stage which was set up beautifully as well and the Boesey just like two metres away! Onstage there were candles entwined with ivy, soft light, there were huge posters of the promo photos set up on easels (a new one also: Tori on the driver's seat of a car).

Before Tori came we had enough time to admire the setting and, above all, listen to the new album which was being played in the background. There's even an a capella song on it!

Oh, and the candles....according to the presenter candles in that old wooden studio were a first and it took ages to get the permission but as he put it 'whatever Tori wants Tori gets'. Tori was a bit late (the presenter said it was due to traffic problems cause the Dalai Lama and the President of Botswana were in the same hotel ;-)) but when she came everyone stopped breathing I think. She was so close and beautiful :-) Very skinny though. She wore blue jeans, high heels in a light brown colour and a shirt that looked like some brown 80s style oversized shirt which was slit on the upper arms. her hair was more reddish/blonde than red and straight and we could look at her amazing big ears ;-)

She started playing 'Scarlet's walk' right away. What a wonderful song! Very melancholic and moving. Then 'Carbon', then 'Crazy' (my favourite! I literally went crazy of joy that she did play this one) and it's soooo great live. She misses out the very high notes that you can hear in the background. So if you just listen to the main melody of the album version and leave out the background singing you get a pretty good idea of what it is like live.

Between the songs the fans applauded very cautiously, I think we all had quite a deep respect towards the situation (the gig being recorded and all and the announcement: no photographs at all, Tori will stop playing immediately). So there wasn't much time between the songs and she didn't say anything either. She did drink some water and spat it out on the stage floor which would produce a 'special effect' later on. Tori continued with 'Pancake', the light turned blue and cool and dark and that's exactly the impression I got from hearing pancake live. Next was 'A Sorta Fairytale'....well the beginning of it. She stopped singing just before my favourite line 'we could break a silver lining', turned to the audience and, in an amused tone, said something like 'there's spit on my shirt'. Guess what she did....right, an improvisation! A nice tune and lyrics that said something about spit and that things are not always like you planned them to be etc.. Then she did A Sorta Fairytale again, the right way this time. Of course it was the single version like on the other concerts. I suppose it has got something to do with the concerts being broadcasted on the radio. Anyway, the next song was 'Strange', then the presenter came onstage with a pile of questions (like Mara said we had the chance to write our questions beforehand). I really don't know why they always always pick the most boring or pointless questions. I mean the question when she was going to tour central europe was inevitable and I was surprised to hear that she's already coming here in january/february (she checked with the record label staff). But the other two.....I can't remember the exact words but the second one was asking what was her favourite ice cream or something like that which she answered with a counterquestion and the third and last (!!) question was if she could play a song (forgot the name), the fan had sheet music with her but tori declined.

I don't know whether she was bored by those questions or just tired from an exhausting promotion day but after question 3 she quickly said she will play another song before she goes. Alright, another song: great - go away: no no no, just don't go! ;-)

She played 'Mrs. Jesus' and then off she went. Throwing kisses and waves into the audience and saying 'see you soon'. We made a lot of noise but unfortunately she didn't come back. Obviously she was very tired.

But still, just seeing her and hearing her play the new songs was definitively worth the trip from Cologne to Munich and I can't believe I've seen her so close and in such an intimate atmosphere. You should all go on the net on the 21st and listen to the show on Bayern 3!

From Mara Jade:

I attended to the mini concert in Munich, Germany tonight and thought I could give you some quick details.

Here the track list:

1. Scarlet's Walk
2. Carbon
3. Crazy
4. Pancake
5. A Sorta Fairytale
6. Strange

Very short interview, the music coordinator asked Tori three questions, that people from the audiance were able to write up before the concert.

7. Mrs Jesus

Further facts that were given to us by Tori and / or the music coordinator of radio Bayern 3:

1. Tori will tour Germany in January / February next year (she said this in response to the first question)

2. Scarlet's Walk will be released on October 28th in Germany

3. The concert will be broadcasted on Monday, October 21st, 10pm German time on radio Bayern 3 (this radio station can be listened to over the net as well)

I'll write a proper summary in the morning...

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