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Updated June 28, 2001

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Attraction is the name of a movie which has had a turbulent history and eventually was released to home video in the U.S. on June 12, 2001. (It never made it to the theaters, but you can find it at some video stores.) Thanks to Holly for telling me. The movie was supposed to include a soundtrack, however, the soundtrack has not been released and I have to wonder if it ever will at this point. Press releases about the soundtrack stated that Tori was to have a song on it, and other sources have told me the song was to be the album version of "Leather". Since this is not a new song, it is not really a big deal. But I thought I would let you know, If anyone sees this soundtrack or hears anything new about it, please let me know.

You CAN hear Tori singing "Leather" in the movie! Here are some reports from various Toriphiles who have seen the movie "Attraction":

From Nathan Herzog:

    I rented the movie last week, and "Leather" is, indeed, played during the film. It's a shame the movie didn't get too much notice. It's nothing spectacular by any means but it was a good film nonetheless. It's probably one of those flicks that would've gotten a nice crowd if and when it played at various film festivals. Anyways- just thought I'd let you know. If you get a chance, it's worth renting. I know Blockbuster is carrying it as well as some indie video stores.

From David:

    well, i just wanted to let you know that i saw the movie attraction and you can hear tori very clearly. she is played in the middle of the movie where the main character is going to see his girlfriend in a play. she is performing a whole scene in the nude so it seems it was very purposeful that they use that song with the 'look i'm standing naked before you..' part in it.

You can find a listing for the Attraction video and DVD at

The last official press release about this project is below.

The "Attraction" Soundtrack

The soundtrack, if it is ever released, will be on InVision Records. It reportedly includes music by Rustic Overtones with David Bowie, Tori Amos, Moby, Rob Zombie, Morphine and Saint Eve.

The movie "Attraction" has had a confusing and complicated history. It was shown at Toronto Film Festival in September 2000 and was originally scheduled to be released in U.S. theaters by Trimark Pictures in February 2001. However, Trimark Pictures merged with Lions Gate Entertainment and as a result, it was released directly to home video. Even the film's title was in flux. It was originally called "Stalk", and then "Rules of Attraction", and the finally "Attraction".

You can read more details about the soundtrack and film below.

February 2001 Press Release About Attraction Soundtrack

I first found out about this soundtrack in a press release that was posted to the Yahoo! Finance web site on November 21, 2000. A newer and more updated press release about this project came out on February 6, 2001 and was also posted to the Yahoo! Finance web site. You can read this newer press release below. (It is now outdated and incorrect in its release date information.)

    Falcon Entertainment Signs Joint Venture Distribution Agreement With American Music Corp.

    Worldwide Distribution for Lions Gate 'Attraction' Soundtrack

    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 6, 2001--Falcon Entertainment Corp. (OTC BB: INDE) today announced that it has signed a joint venture agreement with American Music Corp. to distribute the upcoming Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. feature film soundtrack for the film "Attraction."

    According to the agreement, Falcon Entertainment's wholly owned subsidiary, InVision(TM) Records, and American Music Corp. will distribute the "Attraction" soundtrack worldwide. "Attraction," a Lions Gate feature film and its accompanying soundtrack are scheduled for release on April 24, 2001. [Note from Mikewhy: The soundtrack was NOT released on that date.] The soundtrack will feature over 15 titles sung by award-winning and popular artists including Rustic Overtones with David Bowie, Tori Amos, Moby, Rob Zombie and Morphine. The soundtrack will also feature a title by Saint Eve, an InVision recording artist and winner of the 2000 LA Music Award for "Outstanding Performance by a New Artist" for her song "Bridge of Sighs" from her soon to be released album.

    Under the terms of the agreement, American Music Corp. is responsible for all manufacturing, licensing, marketing and promotional fees related to the distribution of "Attrraction." It is anticipated that the value of American Music Corp.'s cost for the joint venture will exceed $500,000. InVision Records will receive fifty percent (50%) of all net proceeds related to the distribution of the "Attraction" soundtrack. The agreement also calls for the distribution rights to any additional soundtracks that InVision Records enters into within twelve months under the same terms and conditions.

    James Fallacaro, Chairman, President & CEO of Falcon Entertainment, stated, "Having retained the exclusive worldwide rights to the "Attraction" soundtrack, Falcon sought a strategic partnership that would optimize the distribution of "Attraction." American Music Corp. proved to be an ideal joint venture partner and we look forward to the mass distribution of "Attraction" this spring."

    David Michery, President of American Music Corp, said, "We are pleased to have entered into this relationship with InVision and the creative team lead by Harlan Lansky, its president and Jim Fallacaro, its chairman and founder. Their unique understanding of the synergy between cinema and music and their business acumen to negotiate and obtain contracts from major and independent film studios creates a recipe for success for both our companies. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with the InVision/Falcon team."

    About American Music Corp.

    David Michery formed American Music Corp. two years ago; it is a diversified music and entertainment company. AMC's holdings include: World War III records, Up Rock Records, Aftershock Records and Cash Money Records. Among the talent are: the multi platinum artist Bizzybone, of Bone Thugs and Harmony, Mothers Army and D. Shot of E40 and The Click. David Michery has an extensive background in the music industry. His career includes the production of numerous platinum albums and an executive roll as Head of All American Music, D.B.A. Scotti Bros. Records, A&R for MCA Records and Zoo/BMG.

    About Falcon Entertainment Corp.

    Falcon Entertainment Corp. is a diversified entertainment company focused on three primary areas: broadcasting and cable networks, music, and the Internet. IMNTV was launched in June 2000 with the intention of broadcasting and webcasting (subject to content) all amateur and professional music television videos submitted from around the world on national cable and direct satellite television, 24 hours a day, seven days per week. IMNTV currently webcasts these music videos on its Internet website

    Independent Music Network, Inc., InVision Records, Inc. and Ecity Records, Inc. are all wholly owned subsidiaries of Falcon Entertainment Corp. Falcon is headquartered in New York, NY.

That is pretty much all we know about this soundtrack.

InVision Records

The Attraction soundtrack is on a label called InVision Records. InVision is a wholly owned subsidiary of Falcon Entertainment Corp. This label has a proprietary television network to promote their artists called Independent Music Network Television (IMNTV). You can read more about this label on the IMNTV web site. Tori is not on this label of course, but this soundtrack will be.

The Movie "Attraction"

As I mentioned above, this movie has had a confusing and complicated history. It was shown at Toronto Film Festival in September 2000 and was originally scheduled to be released in U.S. theaters by Trimark Pictures in February 2001. However, Trimark Pictures merged with Lions Gate Entertainment and as a result, it was released directly to home video. Even the film's title was in flux. It was originally called "Stalk", and then "Rules of Attraction", and the finally "Attraction". The film is now considered a Lions Gates Entertainment film.

Dor found a description of the film at It says:

    Written and directed by Russell Degrazier. Four people deal with feelings of connection and isolation, focusing on the objects of desire they are sure will make them feel happy and secure.

Toriphile Jason Gibbs (Stragler) made me aware of an entry for "Attraction" at Here is what they say about the movie:

    Video Release: June 12th, 2001 (pushed back two months from April 24th, 2001) (going direct-to-video; previously scheduled for a possible release in February, 2001 before Trimark merged with Lions Gate Films)

    Title Note: In this film's listing at the American Film Market (AFM), Stalk was the "working title", so there may be a title change before its release. (5/2/00) The title has now changed to Rules of Attraction, which should not be confused with "Rules of Engagement". (9/13/00) The title has been finally shortened down to just Attraction.

    Strobe Light Note: When this film was screened at Toronto, it came with a warning that there is an extended sequence where a strobe light is used (during an erotic theatre performance that is central to the plot). Some people are vulnerable to the effects of strobes, so the warning made sense, but how are they going to do that when this film goes to theaters? So, if you're one of those people out there, you've been warned.

    MPAA Rating: R (for language and strong sexuality)

    Distributor: Trimark Pictures (Lions Gate Films)

    Cast: Samantha Mathis (Broken Arrow), Gretchen Mol (Rounders), Tom Everett Scott (Boiler Room), Matthew Settle (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer); other cast not yet announced.

    Director: Russell DeGrazier (debut; cowriter of Sunset Strip, also awaiting release)

    Screenwriter: Unknown.

    Not Based upon: There is a novel by Bret Easton Ellis titled The Rules of Attraction, but this film is not based upon it.

    Premise: When a young man (Settle) starts dating a new girl, his ex-girlfriend gets... jealous. (It's not yet known which actress plays the stalker, and which one plays the "stalkee").

    Filming: Production on this movie took place in Los Angeles in 1999.

    Genres: Thriller

You can also find an entry for this film at the Internet Movie Database with additional details and at least one comment from someone who saw it. They seem to have trailers from the movie. The movie is listed at a 2000 film, but as of April 2001 had not yet been released in the U.S.

Jason Gibbs (Stragler) tells me that you can read a review of the movie Attraction at

Prince @dam was the one who told me that "Attraction" was released in Canada in September 2000 at the Toronto Film Festival.

Below is the plot line of the movie via the Toronto Film Fest guide. They also included the photo caption that you see to the right. Thanks to Prince @dam for the photo as well.


    PROGRAMME: Contemporary World Cinema
    DIRECTOR: Russell DeGrazier
    YEAR: 2000
    TIME: 95 minutes
    FILM TYPE: Colour/35mm

    Sunday, September 10 - 10:00 PM - UPTOWN 3
    Tuesday, September 12 - 4:00 PM - UPTOWN 3

    PRODUCTION COMPANY: Trimark Pictures
    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Mark Amin, Robin Schorr
    PRODUCER: Jonathan Krauss, Russell DeGrazier, Mike
    SCREENPLAY: Russell DeGrazier
    CINEMATOGRAPHY: Michael Price
    EDITOR: Glenn Garland
    MUSIC: Graeme Revell
    PRINCIPAL CAST: Samantha Mathis, Gretchen Mol, Tom
    Everett Scott, Matthew Settle

    During one momentous 24-hour period on the Sunset Strip in August 1972, the lives of a group of dynamic young people undergo a dramatic metamorphosis. Exploring the deadly game of love in the cutthroat world of the Los Angeles dating scene, Attraction is a fearless exploration of uncontrollable sexual desire and the disturbing power of temptation.

    Matthew, sexually depraved and afflicted with tunnel vision, strives to regain the attention of his ex-girlfriend, Liz. Still emotionally fixated on her, and desperate to make himself more appealing in her eyes, Matthew decides to use reverse psychology; targeting her jealous side, he begins seducing her best friend, Corey, but his sadistic plan goes awry when he develops genuine feelings for her. Corey's own lustful nature, meanwhile, causes her to become involved in a chain of passionate liaisons, power struggles and unexpected betrayals. Not one of them emerges unscathed.

    In his exciting directorial debut, Russell DeGrazier combines two styles of filmmaking to create a multi-textured work. Attraction has the realistic feel of New York seventies films like Klute and Taxi Driver which use strong compositions and contrasts, and the current hyper-realism of the Dogme 95 films. DeGrazier achieves a constant visual hum in the film's grain that mimics the emotional undercurrent of the story, creating a gritty hyper-realism. With a simplified lighting palette and desaturated colours, the film's chilly compositions range from feeling off-balanced, crowded and claustrophobic to classic, open and simple.

    DeGrazier's visual style - alternating from subdued to vibrant - creates suspenseful drama at every turn and mirrors Matthew's manic mood shifts, from delirious romantic to conniving scoundrel. Featuring smoldering performances from a hot young cast, Attraction is an extremely compelling film which boldly separates romanticism from romance, and reminds us of the colourful complexity of personal desires and the dangers of letting them run unchecked. (Note that the film has a measure of strobe lighting in one scene, which may prove harmful to some patrons. Be aware.)

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