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Attitude Magazine (U.K.)
October 2002

Added Oct 3, 2002

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There is a positive review of Scarlet's Walk in the October 2002 issue of the UK magazine Attitude. Thanks to Martin Eden and Raymond Carrel for sharing this with me.

Scarlet's Walk
4 out of 5 stars

Hot on the heels of last year's Strange Little Girls covers album and recent decamp to new label Sony, Tori Amos delivers the seventh album of her career (eighth if you include the vaguely embarrassing mid-80s bustiered effort, Y Kant Tori Read). And thankfully it's a return to the finely tuned songsmithery of the Tori of yore, fashioned as an imaginatively arranged sonic musical travelogue through America's history, past and present. The story moves in a broad musical sweep as the central character Scarlet – this is Tori, so a little insanity comes as standard - moves from coast to coast delivering songs modelled in a very organic 70s AOR production which both sharpens the aural content of the songs and Tori's distinctive singing voice. From the plinkity plink crystalline purity of Pancake to the sombre single A Sorta Fairytale, the latter a moving paean to September 11th and the twin cultures of violence and redemption that have sprung forth over the last 12 months, it's impressively solid stuff, but it's with Amber Waves that Tori lyrically cuts deepest. Singing in her typically understated plaintive tones, 'DVD and magazines, she gave it up' the song's a concerted stab in the direction of America's pretty young things, a la Britney, J-Lo et al. Slightly surprising, you might think, since she is now stable mates with many of them, but that's Tori all over: this might be Scarlet's journey but Tori certainly isn't bothered where she puts her feet.

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