"Good Day Atlanta" & radio station 99X October 2, 2001

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Tori was in Atlanta, GA on Tuesday, October 2, 2001 to perform during her StrangeLittleTour. While there she did the "Good Day Atlanta" show on FOX TV station WAGA and she also appeared on radio station 99X in Atlanta. Tori played "Time" and "1000 Oceans" on "Good Day Atlanta". On 99X, Tori did not perform but did accept fan phone calls and was interviewed. Thay also played her cover of "Enjoy The Silence" from the SLG album. Thanks to Alisha Parker, Ken F. and Juliette for telling me. If anyone can send me a transcript, please let me know.

Here is a report on "Good Day Atlanta from Alisha Parker.

    She played "Time" and "1,000 Oceans" on what seemed to be a 7'4" Bosey. She had on little, if any, makeup and looked so gorgeous. She was wearing a shirt similar to the one for the London m&g except it was purple with a hot pink flower and trim, and dark blue jeans.

    Before she played "Time" she sat with one of the hosts and talked about the album--basically just how she took the men's songs and created a female counterpart. The host looks at her strange and goes "Lady, you are deep!" Tori laughs and she smiled really sweetly.

    They were holding up and advertising the "Raining Blood" cover.

    I will say that it was the most exquisite performance of "1,000 Oceans" I've ever seen/heard and on "Time" she added in that extra chord change. (The one that she started doing on "Regis" and then on the "Early Show".

Here is a report on Tori's 99X appearance from Alisha Parker.

    --They talked about Tori's "rabid" fans. Tori said that they are smarter than her and there is a mutual respect between them and she.

    --She went with Natashya to the Atlanta Zoo yesterday and they saw this gorrilla named Ivan who was rescued from a department store and now they are trying to mate him.

    --She usually gets very little sleep. Does morning t.v show appreances and they "roll at night" on the bus.

    --Natashya usually wakes up twice a night for warm milk.

    --Tori hasn't talked to any of the original artists for SLG but Slayer sent her t-shirts.

    --New album/songs are "cooking".

    --She has gotten in shape by "chasing Tash around"

    --Talks about how Matt Chamberlain is "magic"

    --A girl asks how she started RAINN and she tells the story of the 14 year old girl (the same one she's said before) She did mention this was in Indiana which I don't recall hearing before.

    They went to commercial and now they're playing "Enjoy the Silence" off of the cd.

    --Talks about being named Myra Ellen. All the girls in their family had to be named a Mary derivative. She become Tori when she was 17 1/2. Tells about her friend's boyfriend who said she looked like a Tori and how she almost was called Sammy Jay.

    --Her parents call her Tori Ellen.

    --Mark named Natashya and Tori found the spelling. She looks like Mark. She says that's wise of the creator because that "avoids DNA tests."

    --Tori believes in the spirit world and thinks it affects everything and does not subscribe to an organized religion. Find what works for you.

    --Tori tells a girl to not be nervous talking to her. Asks about Slayer and asks Tori how much metal affected her music. She says most of them are disciplined players and she has alot of respect for them. What they find demonic she finds funny. What is demonic is different to different people. Sitting in a church with a white dress on finding out the guy behind her is a child molester is demonic to her. Not a red guy with horns.

    --No opinion on Eminem. She's not a fan. "Of course not" You can't be a fan of someone who degrades women if you are one and don't degrade men. She says he needs a really good shrink. He's very talented and tapping into a male rage.

    ABOUT 9/11:

    --America was taking itself to an anti freedom place where there was all this "yo bitch and degrading people. Some women were choosing to be demeaned and he (Eminem) was tapping into a male rage.If you try ito be nice to each other--that's not the answer. If we're really gonna grow, you have to look at your own terrorist inside of you."

    --Asks what song describes her she says "Humpty Dumpty" and says she will play it tonight! [Tori did NOT play it that night however.]

    --she says she's hungry.

    --At each show she releases tickets that aren't used by her family.

    --Has written down the waiter's name from last night from the Blue Point restaurant on her hand. He was "so nice" andİshe is giving him tickets to tonight's show!

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