Articles - September 1996

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The Digital Collegian at Penn State
September 16, 1996

Rockford Register Star
September 21, 1996

Curve Magazine
September 1996

    There is a Tori article in the September 1996 issue of Curve: The Lesbian Magazine on pages 38-39. It is called Tori Story. The issue has model Jenny Shimizu on the cover. Despite some inaccuracies in the article, there are some wonderful Tori quotes in this piece.

    Read The Article In Curve Magazine

DMA (Dance Music Authority) Magazine
September 1996

Newspaper Articles In Chicago, Baltimore, & New Jersey
Late September 1996

    Gina posted to the Torinews mailing list an article from the The Home News & Tribune , a newspaper in New Jersey. It is called Passionate singer/songwriter/performer is the volcanic goddess of pop.... Tori talks about the songwriting process.

    Nicole sent to me a recent article from the New City , a newspaper in Chicago. It is called What do Tori Amos and Bette Midler have in common? Tori talks about her gay following, the fact that she would love to do a soundtrack to a possible future movie about Georgia O'Keefe (one of MY favorite artists!), her singles, and the end of the Dew Drop Inn tour.

    Brett Cunningham emailed me an article from Baltimore Sun LIVE section that appeared September 26th, 1996. It is called TOURING WITH TORI. This is a great article where Tori talks about Boys For Pele and how she knew all along that the fans..oops, I mean ears with feet would support the album.

Billboard Magazine
September 21, 1996

    A VH-1 Crossroads CD (Atlantic 82895-2) was released on October 1, 1996 in the US and Canada, which includes Tori's live version of I'm On Fire recorded for the tv show, as well as songs from other artists who have appeared on the VH-1 Crossroads program.

    Read a Billboard article about this CD.

Articles In Muncie IN Newspapers
September 18, 1996

    While In Muncie, Indiana for Tori's concert on September 18th, I picked up a few newspapers that ran Tori articles and typed them out for you. (The Photo below is from the front page of The Star Press Newspaper in Muncie on September 19th ,the day after the concert, and shows Tori at her soundcheck there the night before.)

    Tori In The Star Press, September 18, 1996 - This article is fairly decent and has some wonderful quotes from Tori in it.

    Tori In The Ball State Daily News, September 18, 1996 - This article is short and not very informative, but it does have a couple of good quotes.

Akron Beacon Journal
September 12, 1996
    An article appeared in the Akron Beacon Journal on September 12, 1996 called Healing through song: Singing about a painful experience gives Tori Amos strength.

    Read this article.

Article In URBE, A Newspaper In Venezuela
September 12, 1996

    Michelle V.B. sent to me via email a short article she wrote about Tori that appeared September 12 in URBE: This city's compass, a newspaper in Venezuela! It is called Tori versus stereotypes.

New Jersey's Record
September 1, 1996

    Will Elefante posted to the RDT mailing list the following Interview with Tori that appeared September 1 in Northern New Jersey's Record. It is called A Fervor Over Tori, One Way Or Another. Tori talks about her music and her new Hey Jupiter EP.

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