Articles - November 1996

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The Daily Journal
November 23, 1996

    There is a newspaper in New Jersey called The Daily Journal, and they had an article on Tori on November 23, 1996. It discusses Tori's role in her new record label called Igloo.

Indiana Daily Student
November 14, 1996

Mix Magazine
November, 1996

    There is an article in Mix Magazine about Tori from the November 1996 issue. Mix Magazine is a trade magazine for the recording and sound production industry. It discusses the technical side of the recording of BFP and the '96 tour and gets rather techy. But even if you don't understand the differences in microphones and mic placement and ambient sound and such, I think you'll definitely enjoy the feeling of being in the studio and backstage with Tori.

Billboard Article
November 2, 1996

Tulsa World Article
November 1, 1996

Rolling Stone
November ?, 1996

    This information was emailed to me by Nithya Rajendran.

    In an issue of Rolling Stone that came out sometime around November 1996 with Eddie Vedder on the cover, the band TOOL is profiled. The frontman, Maynard had this to say:

    "There are a lot of metaphysical, spiritual, and emotional changes going on right now, and we're just trying to reflect that. We're not that different from Tori Amos in that sense."

    The article goes on to say, "Maybe not, but Tori Amos doesn't sing about genetic mutation and she certainly doesn't advocate sinking California into the sea."

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