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Entertainment Weekly
Spring 2000 - 10th Anniversary Edition

    Tori is included in the Spring 2000 10th Anniversary Edition of Entertainment Weekly magazine (#540). Tori is listed as #2 in a column entitled "Power 101: Cult Edition The Top 10 Most Powerful Cult Heroes Of The Decade Past." It includes the photo you see to the right. Look below to see what the magazine wrote on page 106. Thanks to Danica who sent me the photo and article, and to Micah, Betsy Hooks, Randy Uhl, Joseph, LecyRoo, Molly Knight, Ciccone4, John Kwiatkowski, Bill aka Bildo and Alex for sending the information to me!


    How things have changed: The orignial showbiz cultists, Deadheads, had to spend their youth in smelly VW cans to pay tribute. Cultists of the '90s are but a click away from their chosen shrines. Still, it's the faces and messages that keep the cult alive, here's a look at the most powerful cult heroes of the past decade.
    --Will Lee and Brian M. Raftery

    Then comes the list of their top 8. A picture of each and a small blurb follows.

    #1 is Phish

    #2 is Tori

    Tori Amos, pensively activist singer-songwriter
    Age: 36
    Credits: Five albums, three certified platinum; harrowingly reflective lyrics (as in "Me and a Gun," aout her her being a victim of rape); founder of RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network)
    Debit: Lost to Sarah McClachlan by failing to start Lilith-y phenom.
    Apostles: Brooding young women prone to tears
    Words to live by: "When you gonna make up your mind/Things are gonna change so fast" from 1991's "Winter"

    #3 Fugazi
    #4 Christian Bale
    #5 Bruce Campbell
    #6 Ani Difranco
    #7 Barney (Yes, that pink dinosaur)
    #8 Keiko the Whale

Boston Phoenix (and Providence Phoenix)
May 19, 2000

    Marla Tiara and Danika Dreslin inform me that Tori was voted the best National Female Vocalist in the results of the Boston Phoenix's Best Music Poll, which were published in the May 19, 2000 edition. You can read what they say about Tori at the Boston Phoenix web site. I have also included the magazine's comments below. Tori also received this honor in 1997 and 1999. Kate Morin adds that this was also published in a local Rhode Island magazine called "The Providence Phoenix," which appears to be another version of the same magazine.

    It's appropriate that Tori Amos has been known to cover Nine Inch Nails songs live (check Napster for the MP3s): with a gift as corn-flaky and big as the persona she serves up in interviews, she's as obscure as The Fragile and as grand as The Wall. Speaking of double-live documents, her To Venus and Back (Atlantic) -- half live sprawl, half over-generous Tori on an in-studio roll -- was kind of a gift for those fans who make their own Tori-totem dolls (see last year's Spin cover story), and for them alone. But I'm partial to the part where she murders her inner waitress for upward of 10 minutes, and to "Glory of the '80s," where she promises to die and come back as Kim "Bette Davis Eyes" Carnes, hopefully ensuring that'll never actually happen.
    -- Daniel Stuckey

    Plus in an article that is just an overview of all of the winners comes this comment...

    On a related note, the emergence of Grammy-winning female songstress Macy Gray in the Best National New Act category, coupled with the win of the strong-willed, soft-voiced Tori Amos as Best National Female Vocalist, indicates that the outlook for women in rock might not be as grim as it's sometimes seemed over the past year. The loss of Lilith Fair is a setback of sorts, but to a certain extent that tour did its job in proving that women artists can put bodies in seats at big venues, something that Amos and Alanis Morissette went off and did on their own last year.
    - matt ashare

Michigan Daily
May 8, 2000

Toronto Sun
May 7, 2000

Plugged In
May 2000
    Tori's lyrics and comments have caused her to be criticized by several conservative religious groups in the past. Lukus Wells tells me that another criticism appears in the May 2000 issue (vol. 5 no. 5) of a publication called Plugged In, put out by Focus On The Family. In a section called "Over heard," they quote different famous people. Here is what they printed about Tori:

    "The PC thing, that's not my scene. I lay it on the table. If someone is going to take their lithium, do a line or read the Bible, go for it. As long as you don't hurt anyone else, it's all the same to me." - Singer TORI AMOS after making it clear that, despite a "Christian" upbringing, she has forsaken "organized Christianity" (The Washington Post, 10/9/99)

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