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B-Side Magazine
May/June 1996

    The magazine has a great article where Tori takes us on a guided tour of Boys For Pele, complete with suggestions of which wine to savor while listening. This has been described as one of the best articles out in describing Tori's thoughts on the songs from BFP.

    You can read this article at the Fairy Tales web site. After you get there, scroll down and find B-Side in the list of articles.

Musician Magazine
May 1996

    The red-haired one graces the cover of Musician magazine. The photos are simply beautiful, and the interview is very revealing. It primarily concerns the album Boys For Pele, and discussions of a rather technical nature on the recording of the album. You also get to meet some of the sound engineers that assisted Tori with the new album, the first where SHE was in charge of the production. There is a nice mixture of technical talk and personal talk about Tori's philosophy.

    You can also read this article at the Fairy Tales web site. After you get there, scroll down and find Musician in the list of articles.

Vox Magazine
May 1996

    Vox has a 2 page article that features Talula as the Song Of The Month. The words are listed and the parts and imagery of the song are explained.

    Read This Article from Vox Magazine.

Q Magazine
May 1996
    Tori Plays in Newcastle

    Tori's Newcastle UK Concert is Profiled
    In The May issue of Q magazine, there is a look at Tori's March 5th Newcastle concert. There are some great Tori quotes here. For example:

    "I play a nerdy instrument but at the same time it's no different to some of those nerds who have a computer and surf the internet...They are quite capable if they want to of breaking into any system. I try to break into different systems with my piano. I don't accept that a piano can't do all things."

    "I'm not taking any anti-inflammatory stuff but I have a masseuse. Some days my jaw, ear, my whole right side feels like it's being pulled out of shape like Freddy Krueger's face."

    Visit Q Magazine's website.

The Detroit News
May 30, 1996
    The Detroit News published an article called Tori! Tori! Tori! When she reins herself in, Tori Amos demonstrates brilliant musical talent.

    Read this article.

French Tori Article From "Musique Plus"
May 19, 1997

    Toriphile Marty C. sent me this French article from the web site of "Musique Plus", which is like Quebec Canada's answer to MTV. He also translated it into English for his French Class and sends it along as well!

Addicted To Noise
May 10, 1996

    Addicted To Noise Article: Tori Meets The Press
    This is an interesting and strange description of a Tori Press Conference, and one reporter's attempt to ask Tori a question. The questions was "who you would pick to win a battle of the bands between Kiss and AC/DC?" The author was not happy with Tori's answer!

Time Out New York
May 8, 1996

    Available at Rebecca Cox's groovy site are some BEAUTIFUL photos of Tori from a recent issue of Time Out New York, a local magazine. The main graphic at her site is from this magazine. Rebecca has also posted the article from that magazine. My favorite quote from the article was in a sidebar that is not included in the regular text of the article. Tori says, "It's almost a conspiracy that we're so distracted that we don't have 30 minutes to not get on the phone, not watch TV, to just sit in our own skin, to just be with out own thoughts -- to think about the things you said to other people that day, what they said to you that you chose to just conveniently laugh at. We are not equipped or taught to become wiser, more alive."

    You can also read this article at the Fairy Tales web site. After you get there, scroll down and find Time Out in the list of articles.

    Visit the Time Out USA Web Page

People Magazine
May 6, 1996

Stereophile Magazine
May 1996

    This review of Boys For Pele ties the Rolling Stone review for the most clueless and ignorant review ever published on BFP. This is complete rubbish.

    You can read this article at the Fairy Tales web site. After you get there, scroll down and find Stereophile Magazine in the list of articles.

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