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Russian Magazine "Caravan Of Stories"
March 1999

    Click on the photo to see it much larger! This is a rare Tori photo from Toriphile Olga and it appeared in a Russian magazine called "Caravan Of Stories" (March 1999). It was printed in an article about wedding dresses! This is obviously a photo from the same shoot that produced the photos that appeared in the June 25, 1998 issue of Rolling Stone, but this one did not appear in the magazine.

Q Magazine
March 1999
    In the March 1999 issue of Q Magazine, there is an interview with Alanis Morissette. Readers sent in their own questions and one of them addresses the comment Tori made in the May 1998 issue of Q Magazine about "Jagged Little Pill" making a dog's ears hurt. Alanis' response was quite mature:

      Tori Amos said Jagged Little Pill would make a dog's ears hurt. Is that a crushing disappointment since she was your saviour? (Jamie Richards, Burnley)

      "I didn't really consider her my saviour, but I was very inspired by her. inspired by her empowerment through her vunerability. I'm still a fan of hers, I'll always be a fan. Everyone has their opinion. Whether they love my record or hate it, I just think being in the public eye and sharing music is an amazing way for people to define themselves and we define ourselves in accordance. We define who we are by what we love and what we hate. People loving it or hating it, I just take it in the same way. Other people's relationship to what I do doesn't really affect me that much, although I love inspiring people or (laughs) repulsing them."

BMG Interview
March 1999
    Several people have told me about an interview with Tori that appears in an issue of BMG's catalogzine. These catalogs are sent to people who subscribe to the BMG music service, which offers CDs through the mail. This issue was sent out in March 1999 and is the one with Madonna on the cover. Toriphile Mairie sent me the article and Autumn sent me a scan of the article which includes a photo.

    Read the article and see the photo..

Billboard Magazine
March 6, 1999

    The March 6, 1999 issue of Billboard Magazine contains a review of the new Jackie's Strength remix single:

      "Atlantic's long-established chanteuse Tori Amos follows up the underground club success of "Raspberry Swirl" with the equally sublime "Jackie's Strength." Culled from Amos' essential new album, this song is, without question, the singer's most commercially viable club - and radio - track. Underground club punters will salivate over Albert Cabrera's One Rascal dubs, while trance-leaning popsters will gravitate toward Warren Rigg's deft Wedding Cake mix. Such orchestral beauty doesn't come along everyday. Of course, neither does the unmistakable voice of Amos."

YM Magazine
February/March 1999
    Katharine Sherris, Rachel and Amber Culver tell me about a short article on Tori that appears in the March 1999 issue of YM Magazine. The article says:


    Leading Lady: Tori Amos

    Cool Cause: Tori co-founded the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN), a hot line that connects callers to the rape crisis center nearest them. "My hope is that the phone line can be a bridge to the next step."

    What you can do: Promote awareness about sexual assault: See for tips.

Spin Magazine
March 1999

    e.liz.a.beth. informs me that the March 1999 issue of Spin Magazine (with the Offspring on the cover) contains a small blurb on Tori in the "Going Postal" section. It was in response to a December's article about Alanis Morrisette:

    If you want to talk about authenticity, talk Tori Amos. Going from Y Kant Tori Read to the integrity-filled genius she is today makes Alanis's rise from crap to credibility look like nothing.
    Stacy Sandow
    Lombard, Illinois

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