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San Diego Union Tribune
June 29, 1997

    There was an article that appeared in the June 29, 1997 issue of the San Diego Union Tribune entitled "Misguided Texas Law May Still The Music." The article featured a picture of Tori Amos (looks like the Past the Mission single) with a caption that reads "Tori Amos: illegal in Texas?" The article is about a Texas law that prohibits the state and all its agencies from investing in any companies that distribute music with lyrics that are sexually expilicit or promote violence. Oddly, Silent All These Years is mentioned as one of the banned songs!

    Read The San Diego Union Tribune Article

Time Magazine
June 23, 1997

    In the June 23 issue of TIME magazine, Tori is mentioned on page 7 of a special "time digital" insert. It is called "Babes In Boyland." It says, "Forget the info revolution--the Net is just a voice for the lustful and lovelorn. Below, HotBot's list of the Top 5 online Female attractions with the most fan Web pages:

    1. Pamela Lee
    2. Sandra Bullock
    3. Madonna
    4. Tori Amos
    5. Spice Girls"

An explanation On How Tori Met Maynard From Tool
Updated June 19, 1997

    If you saw the RAINN Benefit concert last January, you saw Tori do a duet with Maynard from Tool on the song Muhammad My Friend. Shane Brouse has emailed me with a description of how Tori and Maynard met. He also informed me that Tori was briefly mentioned during a Lollapalooza chat with Maynard on June 14. A guest asked Maynard, "Will you be working with TORI AMOS in the future?" and Maynard replied, "Hopefully." Be sure to check out the tool web page called (aka tdn).

RAINN Promotional Ads
June 1997

    Chantel informs me that on PAGE 109 of the June 1997 issue of Spin (with cool Shirley Manson from Garbage on the cover) has a the RAINN promo ad you see to the left. The ad says:

    Look good do good. order the ck calvin klein t-shirt benefiting rainn, and get a free tori amos cd single. our all cotton t-shirt is cool. it's comfortable. and it's gonna feel really really good when you get it on. but the best thing about this t-shirt isnt how it looks. it's what it does. because each shirt sold supports RAINN's toll-free hotline for sexual assault survivors-and comes with a free Tori Amos CD single. ck Calvin Klein/RAINN T-shirt $25 plus $4.95 shipping, and taxes where applicable. Black sold out; available in white only. CD single quantities are limited; available while supplies last. To order, call toll-free 1-800-656-HOPE extension #2.

    This ad was also seen in the June 12, 1997 issue of Rolling Stone on page 40.

    Read more details on this CD and how it was used earlier in a promotion by Sunglass Hut .

Elle Magazine
June 1997

    A brief Tori tidbit can be seen in the June 1997 issue of Elle Magazine. There is an article about the Lilith Fair, and in it Sarah McLachlan talks about how hard it can be for women to get airplay on some radio stations. Sarah says "she once jokingly challenged Tori to a mud-wrestling competition, with the winner's prize being airplay."

MUZIK Magazine
June 1997

    The June issue of the British magazine Muzik contains an article on Armand van Helden, whose remix of Professional Widow hit number 1 in the U.K. in January 1997. The article says the following about the remixer: "You then turn a wispy neurotic American songstress (Tori Amos) into a sultry diva mouthing double-entendres about "bringing it close to my lips". Your remix destroys dance floors, storms the pop charts, resurrects her flagging career and adds another $15,000 to your asking price." Resurrects her flagging career? Please.

Launch CD-ROM Magazine
Issue 13

    Tori makes a brief appearance in issue 13 of the launch cd-rom magazine. she's hanging out at binky's (a restraunt in the launch enviornment) with a couple of other artists (Chris Cornell and Gwen Stefani). if you click on her, she says the following: 'i'm a bit of a pyro... and i like to burn matches.'

Circus Magazine
June 1997

    Tori is in the June 1997 issue of Circus magazine. There is no article, but a full page color photo of Tori playing live in a brown outfit. It is on page 49, and the magazine includes No Doubt on the cover.

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