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Spin Magazine (also includes interview with Tori about Tool at
June 2001

Nick reports the following:

I just wanted to let you know that Tori is mentioned in a Spin Magazine (June 2001) article about Tool's new album called "Lateralus". The title of the article is "Hammer of the Gods". On page 92 it states:

"[Maynard James] Keenan's also friends with Judas Priest's Halford, Megadeth's Dave Mustaine (with whom he's reported to share a vacation house), and most surprisingly, Tori Amos, who shares with Keenan a Christian upbringing and a lasting fascination with religion.

"He really is this beautiful guy," she says "And he believes that you can't separate yourself from what you create. I think we both believe that whatever you put out there, the phrase 'Oh, I'm just kidding,' is fuckin' weak. He does not negotiate with his beliefs, and if he's a friend, he's a real friend. He just has this deep spiritual currency" posted to their web site on May 18, 2001 an expanded version of Tori's interview about Maynard from Tool and you can read that here.

Rolling Stone Magazine
June 7, 2001

NeilQuinn reports that a Tori quote appears in the Loose Talk section of Rolling Stone magazine in the June 7, 2001 issue:

"Your breasts have to live in a Velcro prison for a while."
- Tori Amos, on breast-feeding

Esquire Magazine
June 2001

Brian **damaged** reports the following:

There's a new interview/article about Michael Stipe at [This interview also appears in the June 2001 issue of the magazine itself.] On the third page of this feature, the writer describes shaking Stipe's hand and Stipe mentions Tori:

    When I shook his hand at the hotel that will go unnamed, he remarked immediately, "You have a firm handshake. I'm lucky I don't play piano. I used to have a firm handshake, too, until I met Tori Amos. She just put her hand out there, like she was asking you not to hurt it. Now when people come up behind me in bars and wrap their arms around my neck in a bear hug, I'm like, 'Please. The throat.' "

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