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The Hollywood Reporter
June 27 - July 4, 2000
    Tori is mentioned in the Production section of the June 27 - July 4, 2000 issue of The Hollywood Reporter. Click for the details.

BBC News
June 18, 2000

    The BBC News web site posted a review of the Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack. Read it here.

Washington Post
June 22, 2000
    The June 22, 2000 edition of the Washington Post included a story about the piano that Tori played as a teenager at Mr. Smiths and the fact that it was auctioned for RAINN. Follow this link to read it.

Rolling Stone Magazine
June 22, 2000 (#843)
    Rolling Stone Magazine reviewed the Mission Impossible 2 Soundtrack in their June 22, 2000 issue (#843 with Kid Rock on the cover.) Tracy Streimish was kind enough to send this review to me, and you can read it in below. It mentions Tori but is very negative about the entire album. Thanks also to GimpyPoop for including the name of the reviewer.

    Mission: Impossible 2
    Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture Hollywood [Records]
    Bizkit, Foo Fighters and Metallica dish out limp soundtrack fodder

    Creative inspiration is a rare and precious thing, but fortunately soundtracks like Mission Impossible 2 always include music "inspired by" the movie. Right - we're supposed to picture Chris Cornell in the theater, jumping to his feet with the battle cry, "Get me to the studio! I simply must write a song called 'Mission 2000'!" Metallica lumber out of the cave for "I Disappear," which suggests that these guys probably sued Napster for being so hard to spell. Foo Fighters, whose stamina for pimping their product defies all logic, hire Queen's Brian May for a mildly awful Pink Floyd cover. Kid Smack, I mean God Rock, I mean Limp Buck Zombie Krack - they're all here, along with Tori Amos, who sounds "inspired" to bitch-slap whoever talked her into this. Limp Bizkit feel sorry for themselves, as usual, though here they should save their pity for the Butthole Surfers. Anyone inspired to blow a twenty on M:I-2 must have third degree popcorn burns on the brain. By Rob Sheffield.

Gear Magazine
June 2000
    Metrojoe tells me that the June 2000 issue of Gear Magazine includes a photo and short profile on Loren Haynes who shot the cover art for "to venus and Back." It says the following on Page 10 in the "Contributors" section:

      Loren Haynes recently shot the album cover and music for Tori Amos' "To Venus and Back." Currently directing his first feature film, "Hearts of Desire," his video for "Bliss" was nominated for Best Video by the Music Video Producers Association. He photographed former LAPD officer Norman Nelson ("Cop, Killer," page 56).

    Metrojoe goes on to report:

      One photo he took for that spread kind of reminds me of the cover for "Venus." It has the officer in the middle of the page and then there's kind of a fuzzed out background of a window and a reflection, its pretty cool. Then there's one of the officer kind of looking down in a cowboy hat and he's standing alone. It reminds me of the photo of Tori leaning against the truck, and sort of like the one with Tori's arms spread out by each Venus disc. Pretty cool, huh?

Jane Magazine
June/July 2000
    Michelle Stone reports that the June/July 2000 issue of Jane Magazine (with Angelina Jolie on the cover) mentions Tori in their 2000 Entertainment Poll on page 107. There is a photo of Tori and Alanis Morissette and says:

    "Question--Concert that made you glow from within, as though in the flush of love.

    1) Tori Amos/Alanis Morissette
    2) Dave Matthews Band
    3) Lilith Fair

    (runners up--Ricky Martin, Beck and Ani DiFranco)

    We can't disagree-The Tori/Alanis combo platter was undeniably good."

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