Articles - July 1996

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In Style Magazine
July 1996

    The article is under the monthly column of "cause celeb" and is called "Tori Amos's Hope Hotline". Click here to read the article and see some of the photos send to me by the wonderful Sarah Abrahams. Article also contains all the details on RAINN, the sexual abuse hotline started by Tori.

Details Magazine
July 1996

    Tori is on page 50 and she's one of several singers doing an inkblot test. There are a series of these pictures, and Tori's interpretation of them. Very interesting, especially the analysis of Tori's personality in the last column!

Brigitte Magazine In Germany
July 24, 1996

    Tori was featured in the July 24, 1996 issue of Brigitte magazine in Germany. This is a bi-weekly publication and the article is 2 and a half pages long. Winfried Schmack was kind and generous enough to send me photos from the magazine and the entire article translated from German into English! The article talks about Tori's past history, Boys For Pele, and interesting details of how she prepares for concerts.

    Read the Brigitte Article and See the Photos, including the one you see here larger!

Addicted To Noise
July 23/24, 1996

    At The Music News Of The World Web Site (part of Addicted To Noise) for July 23, 1996, there is a story about a 'Party Of Five' soundtrack to be released later in the year with contributions from Tori Amos, Rickie Lee Jones, Stevie Nicks, Robyn Hitchcock,former American Music Club leader Mark Eitzel, Juliana Hatfield and Syd Straw, Judy Collins, and Holly Palmer. No details yet on what Tori song will appear. Thanks to Michael Solomon for making me aware of this!

    This same site has a blurb about Tori in the Music News Of the World for July 24, 1996. It discusses all the EPs Tori is releasing.

Tori Articles In Some Northwest U.S. Newspapers
July 19, 1996

The Georgia Straight (Vancouver B.C. Article)
July 18-25, 1996

    Richard Handal posted this essential article to all the Tori mailing lists. It is from a publication called The Georgia Straight in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Tori talks about many things in this article, like stepping in cow pies, how being on the road has forced her to speak up for herself, why she did not regret NOT having a band for the Dew Drop Inn Tour, and her frustrations with the press who thinks that the faeries she talks about are like Tinkerbell. She discusses the fact that there are extreme responses to metaphorical works like Boys For Pele because of there is so much room for interpretation. She enjoys talking to her admirers, but does not want to be worshipped, and she also takes a jab at music journalists that I really like!

    Read this fantastic article!

Entertainment Weekly
July 12, 1996
    Tori appears in the July 12th issue of Entertainment Weekly. It is the issue with Independence Day on the cover. Tori appears on the top corner of the cover. The article is called 'Tori Adored'. It focuses on the devotion that fans have for Tori. You can read this article at the Entertainment Weekly Online Homepage. It has a few nice photos there as well.

    It is an interesting article. I was a bit irritated at first because they were concentrating on irrelevant stuff and almost seemed to be making fun of some fans. Finally, toward the end of the article, they finally started talking about WHY fans are so devoted, and it got better. The best quote on this matter was from her manager, "And she's more about healing. You know, these fans, all they're really trying to do is thank her." My favorite Tori quote in the article? "If somebody needs to collect a million pictures of me, well, then that's what they need to do. I mean, some people have baseball cards."

Women Of Rock
?July? 1996

    Sometime in 1996 (I am guessing July), an one time magazine appeared on newstands in the U.S. called Women Of Rock, containing photos and basic articles about the singers. Tori was one of the artists featured.

    You can read this article at the Fairy Tales web site. After you get there, scroll down and find Women Of Rock in the list of articles.

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