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InStyle Magazine
February 1999
    Kelly Stitzel informs me that the February 1999 issue of InStyle Magazine contains a very small mention of Tori on page 176. This is the mag's Celebrity Weddings issue and the bit mentioning Tori is about unconventional dresses:

    "Brides seeking something new in gowns are turning to something blue--or pink or mint or platinum. Sharon Stone and Mary McCartney went for blushing shades of rose for theirs; Tori Amos chose ice blue. A woman "can look as much a bride in a blue dress as in a white one," says Steven Birnbaum of Birnbaum & Bullock, a bridal line that actress Amy Pietz chose for her wedding."

US Magazine
February 1999
    Karla Canales tells me that the February 1999 issue (#253 with Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover) of US magazine contains a small mention of Tori in the article "The Dating Game - 101 True Tales of Hollywood Romance ~ Fatal Attractions, Naughty First Nights, Blind Dates and The Rules for Celebrities." On page 72 there is a little paragraph which says: "Singer-songwriter Tori Amos met her husband, sound engineer Mark Hawley, on tour in 1996. 'The sound was so amazing,' she has recalled. 'I looked up and said, "Who's doing the sound?" And my heart was lost.'"

Details Magazine
February 1999
    Jason Cook informed me that the February 1999 issue of Details Magazine has a list of the top 10 downloadable or "hit-on" musicians on the Internet. Tori was #8. Here is the full list:

    1. Madonna
    2. Jewel
    3. Mariah Carey
    4. Tommy Lee
    5. Sting
    6. Michael Jackson
    7. Will Smith
    8. Tori Amos
    9. Garth Brooks
    10. Janet Jackson

Glamour Magazine
February 1999
    Tori can be seen in the February 1999 issue of Glamour Magazine in the U.S. Thanks to Marla and Autumn for telling me. She is part of a small article about Glamour's 1998 "Women of the Year" ceremony that they had back in December 1998. (You can read more about that here.) There's a small photo of Tori with someone from the magazine, and a bigger picture of all of the women of the year together, gathered informally, which includes Tori (though you can not see her too well). Autumn had kindly sent me scans of the photos. There was also reportedly a letter from a Tori fan printed in this issue as well.

    See the photos and read the Article From Glamour.

Please Seat Yourself
? 1999
    Toriphile Marla(antigone) had the pleasure of interviewing Jon Evans during the Plugged '98 tour. Jon as you know was Tori's bass player. Marla allowed me to give readers of the Dent a sneak preview of this interview for a while, but now the interview is available in her new zine called Please Seat Yourself. If you would be interested in finding out more about Marla's zine or how to order, email Marla at and place "Please Seat Yourself" in the subject line.

Spin Magazine
February 1999

    In the February 1999 issue of Spin Magazine, Tori was named the "Most Underrated Artist" (along w/ Third Eye Blind, it was a tie....) in the 1998 Readers Poll. Thanks to Jessica Collins and Karla Canales for being the first to tell me about this.

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