"Tracks" on the French-German TV Channel Arte
January 18, 2002

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Tori was featured on the show "Tracks" on French-German TV Channel Arte on January 18, 2002. Some of what Tori said during the interview they broadcast was quite poignant. Read the descriptions of the show below. I also have several screen shots that were created and sent to me by Ekkehard Morgenstern. Thank you so much!

Here are the screen shots:

Thanks to Ekkehard Morgenstern for making these screen shots.

Toriphile Fabien Desse tells me the following about the program:

    It was short, but there was a beautiful part of the interview, when Tori talked about Enjoy the Silence. She said that when she was holding this little girl in her arms --Tash-- she thought something like: "Go back to momma's womb, I will cut it up so you can get back in... I will take care of you, you will be safe in there, for ever..." ÝBut I can't..." she said, with tears blurring her eyes as she was saying: "But I can't". It was beautiful...

Toriphile Mina Stevens sent me thsi report:

    i watched the TV show "Tracks" tonight on Arte. Tori said something very touching about having her daughter, so i thought i'd share. It really made me wanna cry :

    "To have a little girl in my arms...I just said 'oh, got back to womb. Can you fit back in that? We cut mommy open and put you back in, and i'll care you forever' (whispers) But i can't do that...So, "Enjoy the Silence" i think was a place where i peek out (?? sorry, ain't sure of that) a little bit as a mom."

    There were also some clips of an older interview (from 92 i guess), and some clips of tori performing 'rattlesnakes' and 'raining blood'.

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