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April 29, 1999
    Laurie told me about a small article on the Tori/Alanis tour that appeared in the April 29, 1999 edition of the New York newspaper Newsday.

    Tour Spins From Web

    A summer concert tour featuring Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos will be sponsored by the Web site , which features the technology that allows web surfers to download CD-quality music .

    The tour will begin Aug.18 in Fort Lauderdale , Fla . The 26 -city tour includes a Sept.1 date at Jones Beach.

    Tuesday's deal won't allow fans to download songs by Morissette and Amos . It will use a different technology that allows for listening only, but Morissette will offer a live version of an as-yet unselected , unreleased track for downloading on to promote the tour.

    "The potential here is enormous . We've got to seize the opportunity ," Michael Robertson, founder of , said in a statement . The recording industry has blamed MP3 technology for increased song piracy because it allows for music to be easily transferred . But the industry has been looking for ways to incorporate the Internet into its regular business.

    "What I'm hoping more than anything here is that it's going to let other artists , other managers and record companies know that this is something they shouldn't fear" , said Scott Welch of Atlas/Third Rail, Morissette's management company , " All of us are in uncharted territory ." uses the site to market the artist on the condition that one song be made available for free download . Artists set the price for the rest and split the revenue with

USA Today
April 28, 1999

The Hollywood Reporter
April 27, 1999

Associated Press Article
April 27, 1999
    An Associated Press Article posted information about the Tori and Alanis Morissette "5 1/2 Weeks Tour" and a deal with on April 27, 1999. The link above will let you read the entire article.

Rocktropolis AllStar Daily News
April 27, 1999
    Rocktropolis AllStar Daily News posted additional information about the Tori and Alanis Morissette "5 1/2 Weeks Tour" on their web site on April 27, 1999. Here is a summary of the article:

    • Alanis will be closing all the concerts, but they still stress that this is a co-headlining tour. Both singers will perform full concerts sets with their own production, lights & stage design.
    • Fans will get 2 full concerts plus a third opening act every night. The opening act will be a artist, someone who has made their songs available online at

Sonicnet Music News Of The World
April 27, 1999
    Sonicnet Music News Of The World posted additional information about the Tori and Alanis Morissette "5 1/2 Weeks Tour" and a deal with on their web site on April 27, 1999. Here is a summary of the article:

    • is promoting the Tori/Alanis tour and both artists are part of a special deal with and will have a joint web site called
    • This joint web site will contain special tracks from both artists in some kind of a streaming format. (You would think that MP3 would be the format, but the exact format has not been specified yet.) These songs will be posted in the next few weeks. They are using a streaming format to cut back on unauthorized copying. (You can listen to the tracks but not download them.) Morissette's song will be a live track or a B-side. Amos' song will be an unreleased track, possibly taken from the double CD she plans to release in the fall. By streaming the site will be able to bypass a Warner Music Group policy of forbidding downloads longer than 30 seconds.
    • The joint web site will also feature concert webcasts, interviews, chats, and tour photos.
    • "Amos' manager, Arthur Spivak, said he spoke with the singer about the promotion on Tuesday. He said the online venture is exciting for Amos, who is in England working on the double album and who has a dedicated, tech-savvy fanbase."

Rocktropolis AllStar Daily News
April 26, 1999

Sonicnet Music News Of The World
April 26, 1999
    Sonicnet first reported on the "5 1/2 Weeks Tour" With Tori and Alanis Morissette on April 26, 1999.

USA Today
April 26, 1999

Next Magazine
April 2, 1999
    Tori has an article and is on the cover of the April 2, 1999 issue of Next Magazine, a magazine for the gay NYC community. The article is simply a reprint of an article that appeared on the Atlantic web site in Tori's biography section back in May 1998.

    Read the article and see the photos/cover.

Life Magazine
Spring 1999 Double Issue

    The special Spring 1999 double issue of Life Magazine features the best magazine photography of the year. The cover of the June 25, 1998 issue of Rolling Stone with Tori on the cover was one of the runners up for the photography awards, which are called "The Elsie's." The winning cover was the infamous Lewinsky/Clinton hug from Time Magazine. They include a fairly large photo of the cover, but it is not as large as the original RS cover. There was a small article about it which you can read below:

    Cover Runner up
    David LaChapelle
    "Tori Amos: Her secret garden"
    Rolling Stone
    June 25 1998

    David LaChapelle shoots celebrities in the way he sees them - and his vision is vivid indeed. He has depicted Leonardo DiCaprio as a leather - clad porn star and Pamela Anderson Lee bursting naked from an egg. For his first Rolling Stone cover, LaChapelle posed singer-songwriter Tori Amos in a London park. The faux fireflies were assembled on-site, despite a drenching rain. "For me," says the 36-year-old photographyer, "Tori is like a wood nymph. She's so pale and translucent. I thought of her running in the woods and lighting up the way."

Q Magazine
April 1999
    The April 1999 issue of Q Magazine in the U.K. includes a review of recent video release "Tori Amos: The Complete Videos 1991-1998." The video, which has been out in the States since last 1998, was finally released in the U.K on February 15, 1999. The review is not too positive, but it is hard to take this reviewer seriously. Not only does he use the tired old Kate Bush comparisons, but the review is filled with errors which shows that the guy does not even know what he is talking about. For example, he says that in the Talula video Tori is "petting a large python and several rats." He also refers to Cornflake Girl as Chocolate Girl! Memo to Q: Learn to hire reviewers who can at least accurately describe the work being analyzed. You can read the review below. Thanks to Nancy Arbic for sending it to me. The video includes a still from a video of Tori in a box and the caption beside it says 'Tori Amos: not Kate Bush'. There's also a smaller picture of the cover of the video box.

    Off Her Box (by Paul Rees)
    Tori Amos likes to present herself inside a large box. Which is odd.

    It remains impossible not to think of Kate Bush in the same breath as Tori Amos. Equally striking performers, they share the same sense of having dropped in from another world and possess voices that can do alarming things in their upper register. Like Bush, one can't help but focus exclusively on Amos in her videos, regardless of whatever bizarre and baffling settings her various directors have frequently chosen to surround her with. A significant difference between the two -- as this compilation of her 16 promos to date emphasises -- is that Amos hasn't been gifted a video that resonates as strongly or complements her music as well as Bush's Cloudbusting.

    She's come closest with the videos for Caught A Light Sneeze, a stark vignette about a kidnapped woman attempting to escape her captor, and Raspberry Swirl, which looks like something David Lynch might have dreamt up. Invariably, though, Amos is best served by the most basic of her videos. Those for Silent All Theses Years and Winter -- two of her finest songs -- are minimal affairs, setting her against plain white backdrops and largely allowing the music to speak for itself. By contrast, the dark emotive sweep of Past The Mission is saddled with a video which was seemingly conceived as an excuse to tromp off to a Mediterranean location for a week.

    Where some of Amos's lyrics can appear to have been written primarily with shock value in mind, many of the more off-kilter images here serve no detectable purpose besides being clever for clever's sake -- Chocolate Girl's Bunuel-does-The Wizard Of Oz being a case in point. At least Amos is game for a laugh, often drenching herself in freezing water for the sake of "art" and, in the Talula video, petting a large python and several rats. Psychologists could no doubt have a field day pondering the number of times Tori Amos has been filmed encased in a box, but otherwise there's very little coherence to The Complete Videos. Ultimately, it's the sight of Amos sat astride a piano and her songs that leave by far the greatest impression, which rather defeats the object. ** (out of 5)

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