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September 2000

Added July 24, 2000

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The September 2000 issue of Alternative Press Magazine (#146) includes some Tori content. Here is a report from shawn.the.little.masochist:

Tori is in the new (#146 September 2000) issue of Alternative Press. Her name is mentioned on the cover for "Huge Pull-Outs". Inside, the "huge pull-out" of her is a nice full page (page 61) pic of her with the magazine's logo in the bottom righthand corner. It's the same pic that appeared in AP before (July 1998) very white face, straight hair, necklace prominent.

Also, Little Earthquakes is included under "Higher-FI Education: with these 20 albums, you should be able to weather anything college throws your way". Next to LE, it says "Tori's simplest album musically packs a powerful lyrical punch. Lonely piano ditties take second place to her ultra-personal lyrical missives on relationships, beauty, and learning to stand on your own 2 feet."

Also included are some examples of when to listen. For LE, it says: Social Awareness, Studying, Heartache, Angst, Literary Aspirations.

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