Ana Voog's Conversation With Tori

Updated February 17, 2000

Tori & Ana Web Chat

Since Thursday, November 18, 1999, you have been able to access streaming video of Tori chatting with musician/artist Ana Voog at Tori's official web site at The conversation between Tori and Ana, which actually took place on October 20, 1999, lasted 30 minutes and is one of Tori's most fascinating interviews. (The conversation was actually longer than 30 minutes, but they cut some stuff out apparently.) I strongly recommend that you view it if you have not already done so. To see it now, go to, click on news, and then look for the link to the chat now under the Monday, February 14 news item. The video is available in 2 formats, RealPlayer G2 and Windows Media Player.

Ana Voog has also created her own Tori page which documents how she met Tori and includes lots of photos of their meeting, which took place on October 20, 1999.

Chat Transcript

If you can not view the video, you can now read a complete transcript from the interview transcribed by Toriphiles Julie and Feely.

See More Photos Of Ana Interviewing Tori!

Ana mentioned the Dent to her mailing list on Sunday, October 24 and a few other times. Pretty cool!

Ana Voog is a 33-year old musician and artist from the Twin Cities in Minnesota. As Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine reported in their October 1999 issue, she "has been at the center of a unique experiment known as Anacam. Using fairly basic technology -- a few video cameras that regularly upload real-time images to her Web site -- the diminutive Voog has transformed her life into one of the longest continuously runnng shows in the world, a radical online version of reality programming."

In a posting on the anavoog mailing list on October 18, 1999, Ana stated, "i'll be "interviewing" amos on wednesday [October 20, 1999] !!!! and today i found out that it will be a chat with tori more than an interview..that she will ask me questions back and stuff..." She went on to say:

    i'll be having a conversation wit tori on be sure to tune in and see the pictures of it happening! then later on you'll be able to see/hear the whole thing after they've done some production and editing to it :) and the premiere of that will be on a new site tori is starting at instead of i asked them what the difference between the two sites will be and it sounded like will just have MORE stuff. i told the guy i've been talking to who is setting this whole thing up that tori should get a "piano cam". so i'll have to tell her that. or she should just put a gnome or something in her yard and point the cam at that so when she's away she can check up on the level of grass in the yard or what the sky looks like there and stuff :) don't u think there should be a "tori herb garden cam"? or "watch the dust settle on my home piano while i'm away" cam? then if she has a housekeeper or friend who watches over the house while she's away she can have that person write messages to her in dust on the piano. :)

The chat, which took place on Wednesday, October 20, 1999, was not an interactive one with an audience, but simply a conversation between these two artists. It was not shown in its entirety on the day it happened, but you were able to see photos of Ana talking with Tori on Anacam. Remo Luca sent me some screen shots that you can see below:

Wayne also took a series of photos of Tori and Ana Voog talking on anacam, and you can see them all by clicking on the photo below.

Check out the Anacam web site and look around. Thanks to Dawn Adkisson for first alerting me to this.

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