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November 4, 2002

Added Nov 5, 2002

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This article appeared in the Allstar Daily News section of Thanks to Woj for making me aware of it.

Tori Amos Talks Weirdness, Stupid Musicians, & More At CMJ Q&A

Nov 4, 2002, 10:25 am PT

Tori Amos admitted that her new video from Scarlet's Walk, "A Sorta Fairytale," was the "weirdest thing I've ever done," at the CMJ 2002 Music Marathon in New York on Friday (Nov. 1). And, Amos has done a lot of weird things in her career.

The eccentric singer was one of the featured panel events during the four-day confab: a Q&A with Rita Houston, music director of WFUV-FM. What was billed as a discussion about her critically acclaimed new album, the 18-track Scarlet's Walk, Amos described the themed CD, which is a narration by a person called Scarlet, who is actually Amos, who is also everywoman, and is about the personification of Americans who came together post-Sept. 11.

After a few analytical questions from Houston, Amos shifted tracks and asked a young guy in the audience what he did. Immediately, people began asking questions, shutting Houston down. Amos, who is 39, talked about motherhood, gave advice to aspiring musicians, and showed a great sense of humor.

When asked about her female role model, Amos immediately fawned upon artist Georgia O'Keefe. "She had beauty, was political and warm," she said. "She was her own person, and it did not matter if people liked her work. She is a benchmark of my life everyday."

Amos does not worry what critics preach, but she warned aspiring musicians, "If you don't protect yourself with the right people, everyone will decide what you do. There is nothing good about a stupid musician ... just bigger lawyer fees."

And when CMJ reps tried to shut down the hour session early, Amos refused, noting people waiting in line to ask questions. When someone asked why she threw water on Jon Stewart on Comedy Central's The Daily Show a few years ago, she begged, "Did I?" After stumbling for quite a long time, she quipped, "Maybe I didn't take my birth control pill that day." Priceless.

-- Bob Grossweiner and Jane Cohen

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