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Holiday 1999/Winter 2000

Updated December 30, 1999

In the Fall of 1999, the catalog Alloy and web site had a poetry contest. The winner, chosen by Tori, would get to see her in concert and meet with her backstage. The winner was Iris Moulton, age 14. The 1999 Holiday issue of Alloy had a photo of Iris & Tori and a short interview with the contest winner. See the photo and read the interview below. Robyn reports that the Winter 2000 issue of Alloy also mentioned Tori, and you can read that below as well. Thanks to Kristy, Doug Smeath, Kay-Tee, and Kimberly for telling me about all this. Finally, it has been reported that Alloy contributed $10,000 in 1999 to RAINN (Rape, Abuse * Incest National Network).

Richard Handal reports that the Alloy contest was to bring the winner to L.A./Irvine show on September 25, 1999.

Mislissa18 points out that Iris also appeared in the special November 8, 1999 E-Life issue of Newsweek Magazine, as part of a larger article about Kids and the web. You can read that article at the Newsweek web site, as well as on the Dent. (The Dent only includes the part about Iris. The entire article is at the Newsweek web site and magazine.)

Toriphile treva was checking out the web site and found a small Tori Profile in the "celebrity story" part of the Astrostation/Horoscope section.

On the front inside cover of the 1999 Holiday Issue of Alloy, Tori and the poetry contest winner were featured. The mini-article was titled "Tori Time". A small picture of Tori and Iris was included.

Alloy: So, Iris, what was your reaction when you found out Tori Amos chose your poem?

Iris: I found out when I was home sick, because I'd had an asthma attack. Oh, and I was watching MTV's FANatic with Tori Amos on it when you called. So that was pretty weird.

Alloy: What was it like meeting Tori? Were you nervous?

Iris: Actually, I was. I totally drew a blank on all the things I wanted to say when I got backstage. But Tori has a very calming presence, and she totally relaxed me. To look into her eyes, you know that she's been through a lot, and that she's a very deep and intellectual person.

Alloy: What did you guys chat about?

Iris: She told me that my poem really moved her. She didn't know how old I was when she picked it, but she found out later. I told her what a great show it was, and we talked about writing and stuff. She signed my program, "Dear Iris, Best with your liquid words. Love, Tori."

Click here to read the poem at Alloy Online

The Winter 2000 issue of Alloy includes a music section which contains a quiz with a Tori question. The question was:

7) Tori Amos gives a nod to Nine Inch Nails in which of her songs?

a) "Caught a Lite Sneeze"
b) "Bliss"
c) "China"
d) "Jackie's Strength"

There's also a beautiful little live pic of Tori right next to the question.

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