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'The Album Chart Show' on VH1 U.K.
October 29, 2002 and later...

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Tori appeared on the Album Chart Show on VH1 in the U.K. on October 29, 2002. This was repeated more times in October and November 2002. Thanks to Lucy and Brendon who told me about the program. Tori was only on for a little over 2 minutes. The segment was basically the 'Fairytale' video with Tori talking about the albums theme and the origin of the video's 'leg lady' idea.

Carina Dickinson has kindly provided the following transcript of the show:

ASF video plays.  Voice in background - "Tori Amos's next studio album is the 8th of her 15 year career but her first for new label Epic.  Entitled Scarlet's Walk its a sonic musical travelogue which takes the listener on a journey through America.  Each song following a step of Scarlet's personal and geographical journey"

Tori appears on screen.

Tori:  "Well I guess its about uhmm a woman, Scarlet, who didn't think she was gonna take a road trip.  She got a phone call from a friend, Amber Waves, who's a porn star.  Things aren't going very well.  And what do you do when a dear friend calls.  If you love them and they're in trouble you go.  So she goes and has no idea that her whole life is going to become this 16 months of God knows what".  (ASF video short clip plays).

Tori:  "Its a story.  And I love the idea of story and song.  That's always kind of intrigued me personally"

Presenters voice "A Sorta Fairytale is the first single off the new album and the video was the idea of top director Sanji of Lauren Hill and Mary J. Blige fame".

Tori:  "He just called and got in contact and said "I have an idea".  And he heard the song,  he, he, he's friends with somebody at Epic.  And he sent me this treatment, faxed it over.  And so I saw this picture of a leg lady.  And, uhmm, I, I really, I couldn't resist it".

Presenter's voice "Tori Amos'  latest album Scarlet's Walk is out this week"

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